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How PCBFox Works?

PCB Sellers

Get more Business – Grow your Company

PCBFox – is a great place to find more customers, and to run and grow your PCB Manufacturing Business.

Start by Registering as Vendor – PCB manufacturers can register as a vendor to get access to hundreds of PCB printing projects posted in PCBFox by PCB Buyers. Learn How.

Get Notified when a new PCB Project is posted – Vendors will get notified when a new PCB printing requirement is posted in PCBFox.

Submit a Quote – Vendors can submit a tailor made quote to the customer after assessing the posted requirements. PCB printing cost and shipping cost can be quoted separately. Vendors can send individual messages to customers to clear their questions and doubts.

How to Get an Order – Once a customer is ready to buy from you, the vendor can send an Order Link (a link from your website) based on the quote presented. The customer should be able to place the correct order (as he posted in PCBFox) and make the payment using the Order Link sent by you.

PCB Buyers

Easily Find the Right PCB Manufacturer to print your PCB designs

On PCBFox, you will find PCB manufacturers from all over the world ready to serve your PCB printing, assembly and delivery needs.

Start by Posting a Project – post your PCB printing/assembly requirements (with details) as a project on PCBFox. Learn How.

PCBFox coordinates with manufacturers – PCBFox then delivers your PCB requirement to different PCB manufacturers – who are a Right Fit to deliver your specific needs. All PCB Manufacturers in PCBFox are well reputed and verified individually by PCBFox team.

Get tailor-made Quotes – PCB Manufacturers will send you tailor made quotes (for printing + shipping) based on your PCB requirements and location for delivery. You can individually message each manufacturer and chat with them before you make your final decision.

How to Place an Order

Once you have chosen the right PCB manufacturer, You can ask the manufacturer to send you an Order Link. All PCB Manufacturers registered in PCBFox has the facility to take orders online via their own website. The manufacturer will send you an Order Link based on the quote he presented. You can place the final order via the Link and make payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PCBFox do?

We help PCB buyers find the best PCB sellers in the world. The buyer can post his requirements and the sellers will quote their best prices. Then the buyer can select a seller as per his preferences.

Is PCBFox absolutely FREE?

Yes, it is.

Is it against PCBFox policies to contact a buyer/seller directly once a proposal is selected?

Not at all, on the contrary, we encourage it! PCBFox is a platform that just connects a buyer with a seller. Once you find a buyer/seller our role is over, you can take the project outside the marketplace and complete delivery and payments there. However, we recommend you to come back and close the project and add a review.

Are the payments for PCBs done through PCBFox?

No, the payment and delivery are done directly to the buyer/seller.

Does PCBFox offer Escrow service?

No, at-least not at this moment. However, we have plans for that.

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